How to Collect Ancient Byzantine Coins For Your Kids

Posted on: 18 February 2021

Byzantine coins are an excellent keepsake collection that you can pass on to your kids when they get older, and in turn, they can pass the coins down to future generations. The coins you collect now can be beloved family heirlooms in the decades to come. Here is how to collect and store ancient Byzantine coins in preparation for passing them on to your children:

Look for Certification

When shopping for Byzantine coins, it is important to make sure that the coins have been certified by a reliable company that has the tools and resources to verify their authenticity. Without certification of authenticity in place, you may end up purchasing coins that are not real and that decrease the value of your Byzantine coin collection overall.

Most companies that sell Byzantine coins offer certificates of authenticity with the purchase of their coins that you can keep with your collection to prove that they are real. If the company you are working with does not, ask whether they are willing to allow a certification company you choose to hire to inspect the coins before you buy them.

Invest in a Coin Book

It is a good idea to invest in some type of coin book for storage instead of relying on a box or container of some kind. A coin book will keep your Byzantine coins separate and protected from the elements so that they do not get any more scratched or smudged than they already are. Many coin books work like photo books and feature clear plastic sleeves that allow you to store each coin separately so that they can be seen and admired without being taken out of their protective covering. Storing your coins in a book will keep them safe for your kids to handle as they get older and keep them organized so they are easy for family members to manage as they get passed down through the generations.

Identify Each Coin

To make sure that your kids know what each coin you collect for them represents, consider identifying each one by typing up short descriptions of them, printing the descriptions out, and gluing the descriptions below each coin as they are placed in the coin book for safekeeping. As your kids and their kids look through the book, they can identify and learn about each coin that is represented throughout the book.

There are many great coins out there to collect, so you can easily turn the process into a hobby that takes years to complete.