• 4 Questions To Ask When Hiring An Estate Liquidation Service Company

    The best way to clear out an inherited home full of stuff is through an estate sale. While you could host the sale yourself, you might want to consider hiring a company instead. A company that offers estate liquidation services provides all the services and work needed to sell the contents of an entire household. If you decide to hire a company for these services, here are four questions you should ask.
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  • Costly Urgent Care Billing Practices

    People need quality care, but they often want this care available on their terms. Urgent care clinics have become increasingly popular for both preventive and non-emergency care for this reason. However, an urgent care clinic can only offer these specialized services when they have the revenue to do so, and this revenue comes from patient billing. If you manage an urgent care center, learn about billing practices that can send revenue trends on a downward turn.
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