5 Ways To Make Extra Cash Fast

Posted on: 29 October 2015

Are your bills piling up like crazy right now? If so, here are a few different ways to make some extra cash fast that you may want to consider trying.

1. Sell Homemade Baked Goods

Do your friends and family members have a tendency to rave about how delicious your homemade baked goods are? If so, then why not make some extra money by selling some of your scrumptious treats? You can specialize in just one type of baked goods such as brownies or you can widen your appeal by selling a wide assortment of various types of treats.

2. Sell Your Gold Jewelry

There are many different places nowadays where you can sell gold jewelry for cash. Some places are even more than happy to accept broken jewelry. Start digging through your jewelry box and chances are probably pretty good that you will find at least a few pieces of gold jewelry that you can sell. Even if some of this jewelry has sentimental value to you, it's probably still worth selling if you really need the extra money right now. Try this out today.

3. Start A Dog Walking Service

Many dog owners probably wish that they were able to walk their dogs more frequently. However, this isn't always possible due to their busy schedules. You can provide a valuable and much needed service by starting your very own dog walking service. If you're trying to lose weight or stay in shape, this truly is an ideal way to make extra money since you will be getting plenty of exercise. 

4. Donate Plasma

If you're not the overly squeamish type, donating plasma can be a great way to come up with extra cash quickly. Donating plasma typically takes about an hour. Its relatively painless and you get to sit in bed and enjoying watching a movie or reading a book while this procedure is done. 

5. Sell Stuff At A Pawn Shop 

Tools, electronics, laptops, video game consoles, and musical instruments are just a few of the many items that most pawn shops are interested in buying. Selling these items to one of your local pawn shops is not only a great way to make extra money but it will also help to declutter your home. 

There's no doubt about it that struggling to pay your bills can be really stressful and overwhelming. Luckily though, trying even just one or two of these tips should help make things much easier for you.